Heartland Corn Products Job Openings

-Grains Load-Out Operator

This position is responsible for:
• The unloading of corn and the loading of Ethanol and DDGS.
• Starting up all systems necessary to unload corn into the corn storage areas.
• Keeping unloading and loading areas neat and clean at all times.
• Keeping complete and accurate records of the loading and unloading transactions that take place during their shift.
• Assisting the maintenance department with repairs and maintenance that needs to be done on the equipment, including bin cleaning.
• Keeping track of the corn and DDGS inventory. This includes taking physical inventory as required.
• On a daily basis, responsible for checking the working condition of the equipment that is used in their area.
• Having the necessary safety and HAZMAT training.
• Following good manufacturing practices, attend safety training, and follow safety rules at all time.
• Learning duties at the Scalehouse. Provide coverage as needed.
• Additional duties as assigned.

• Ability to operate pay loader and robotic arm.
• Effective oral and written communication.
• Ability to life up to 75 lbs, climb stairs, ladders and/or railcars in order to monitor equipment and take inventories in their designated areas. This includes heights up to 250 feet.
• May be required to work in confined spaces.
• Required to work outside when loading ethanol railcars. This requires working in inclement weather.
• Available to work hours outside of normal work week, which may include early mornings, late nights and/or weekend hours.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft software preferred.