Who We Are

Heartland Corn Products was founded in 1992 as a farmer-owned cooperative and is one of Minnesota’s first ethanol producers. As a farmer owned cooperative of approximately 900 patrons, HCP has steadily expanded over the years. HCP produces Ethanol, Dried Distillers Grains (DDGS) and Crude Corn Oil. HCP employs approximately 60 people.


Heartland Corn Products is structured as a closed cooperative association, requiring ownership of shares in the company prorate to the amount of grain marketed thru the company.  The basic business model is that farmers/producers deliver corn; the company processes the corn, markets the products, and pays the producer the value of the products less the costs of operations and debt service.


There are over 200 ethanol plants operating in the U.S. producing about 16 Billion gallons for use as a source of clean, renewable octane in our motor fuel.

HCP Careers

Heartland Corn Products exists to create and deliver superior cash returns on value added opportunities for its farmer owners, create quality jobs in the local community, and provide a clean fuel source to promote energy independence.

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