Process Operator Job Description


  1. Responsible for the production of alcohol and distiller's grain. Those responsibilities include but are not limited to the operation of the following:
  2. cook system,
  3. fermentation system,
  4. yeast propagation,
  5. distillation system,
  6. evaporation system,
  7. dryer system.
  8. Responsible for start up and shut down of all of the above systems efficiently and safely.
  9. Responsible for the cleaning of the aforementioned systems.
  10. Responsible for keeping the entire production area as neat and clean as possible at all times.
  11. Responsible for keeping accurate records with regard to the production of alcohol and distiller’s grain.
  12. Required to assist the maintenance department with the repair and maintenance of production equipment.
  13. Required to assist the Grains handling department with the loading or unloading of trucks.
  14. Required to follow good manufacturing practices and to attend safety training and follow safety rules at all times.
  15. Required to perform any other duties as assigned.


  • Approximately 50% of the operator's time will be spent monitoring the production process from the control room. The remainder of the operator's time will be spent taking samples and monitoring equipment in the plant.
  • The yeast propagation process requires the operator to dump 50 pound bags of yeast into the yeast propagation tank.
  • Sampling and monitoring of the equipment in the plant requires the operators to monitor some equipment that is elevated. This requires that the operator climb stairs and/or ladders.


  1. Coordinate with the operators on the preceding shift and his/her supervisor as to his/her assignments for the shift.
  2. Relay all messages and instructions from his/her supervisor to the operators on the next shift.
  3. Communicate to the maintenance and boiler departments any problems that they are having with any equipment.
  4. Report any unsafe conditions that may exist to the maintenance department and their supervisor.
  5. Check the bulletin board in the time clock area, to stay informed of any company announcements or company meetings.
  6. All Heartland Corn Products employees are provided with a company handbook. It is each employee’s responsibility to read and be aware of the contents of the handbook.